Helping the Humane Society

Humane Society ES Plan

Feb. 2014

This week, we were awarded a contract for engineering services to help the Westmoreland Humane Society construct a new kennel building.  The projected cost for the project is $200,000 and will provide the humane society with 13 new kennels, as well as food-prep and adoption rooms.

This is the type of project we love being involved with, helping a community asset like the no-kill shelter to grow and better serve the community.  Helping people, help animals just lets you feel good at the end of the day.

Here is an article by the Tribune Review that mentions the new project:

Tribune Review Article

Update: 12/2015

The design of this project has been completed for over a year, but the project has been on hold while the Humane Society fundraises.  Recent news says that they are getting closer to their goal, and construction may begin in the spring.

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