Experience Matters

Experience Matters – 34 years – still true!

It is often said that experience matters, and if experience and expertise matter to you then you should know that Benchmark brings 34 years of surveying and engineering design to every project.

The Principal Engineer, Tim Fyock, established Benchmark on his expertise and drive to serve the community back in 1980.  Since that time he has had the pleasure to work on nearly countless projects in all aspects of residential, commercial and municipal development projects.  He has experience in the type of project you are planning or working on, and he has very likely worked with your contractor and the officials where you are developing.  This type of history matters, and you can’t get it just anywhere.

Our Drafting & CADD manager has worked with Benchmark for over 25 years, consecutively.  He is, by definition and application, an expert!  Jim is a professional in creating and developing plans and details to guide your contractor in the proper construction of your project, as well as providing the specs needed to get your permit applications through the approval process.

Our Survey Crew Chief has been with us for over 12 years.  He has the experience to collect all the field data needed for your boundary survey, as-built details, site topography and existing conditions.  He knows what it takes to get a project built, and has worked with numerous contractors to complete site stakeout in a practical and efficient manner.

Of course, experience is only good if it also understands current technology and practices.  Benchmark is leading in this area also.  We routinely work on GPS models for Trimble basedconstruction equipment  controllers.  We create profiles for directional boring projects. And we use GPS surveying equipment, almost exclusively, in our field work so that all our work can be tied to the coordinate system needed for your project.

Give us a call to discuss how our experience can give you a good experience through your next project.

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